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bamboo forest

bamboo forest

They are magical and noble. They are famous in Japan and Panda Bears love them.

Walking through the bamboo forest makes one believe in fairy tales. I feel so blessed to have such a gem near me, a place to just sit, observe, reflect.

Bamboo is not only beautiful, but a big friend to the environment. It appears that bamboo consumes bulky amounts of CO2 that exist in the atmosphere, converts it into carbohydrates, thus releasing oxygen. Bamboo is respected at last for being such a great sustainable building material for all kinds of uses, from floors, to fences, furniture, and even knitting needles. For staying happy, One can eat it (bamboo shoots), play the flute bamboo, or even, errr, get drunk (read about the gorillas that got drunk on bamboo sap).

So, where is this little spot of tranquility? Right here in NJ, Rutgers Gardens.

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