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For a long time I’ve been planning to write about Tel-Aviv. Traveling to Israel, my heart fills with joy every time I return to Tel Aviv, the bustling city in the center of Israel. All five senses blend together and work over-time in the 100+ years old city. In 1950 Jaffa, one of the oldest cities in the world, became part of Tel Aviv, thus adding an even more unique taste to the general aroma one gets while visiting.

A must place to visit, is Shuk HaCarmel, a main market in Tel Aviv, and to my opinion – one of the liveliest in the world. Everything from shoe laces, to food, to pictures and clothes.

Pomegranate in the market

Pomegranate, or Rimon, makes a tasty refreshing juice

challa in the market

Challa heap, for Shabat dinner


loofa- make you skin squeaky clean- click for more info

cheese in the market

cheese from all over the world

rainbow of spices

candy in the market

candy, always a favorite

After strolling in the market, we usually head to Neve Tzedek, a tres chic neighborhood, where you’d find art, jewelery and fashionable dashing clothing from small designers to top of the line. Look around at the small houses to find hints for the beginning of urban Tel-Aviv.

stylish display window with stylish jewels

surprises in Neve Tzedek, a house covered with sea shells

a few miles south, we walk on the sea-line from Tel-Aviv and arrive at Jaffa. Jews, Muslims and Christians live together (not without tensions) but with the same interest in mind- live peacefully, eat well and sell. Jaffa’s flea market is one of the best for antiques as well as for its small eateries, coffee houses, pastries and pita breads and Sahlab.  There’s nothing like a warm Jaffa Sahlab on a cool night. White thick starchy sweet drink, topped with rose-water, chopped nuts, cinnamon and raisins.

graffiti on the way to Jaffa

graffiti on the way to Jaffa

leaving Tel-Aviv beach behind

arriving to Jaffa

Jaffa's famous pastries, pita, bagels, baklava, cakes

Sahlab, ho Sahlab

Jaffans playing SHesh Besh. click

typical Jaffa street

But Tel-Aviv does not end with that. Lots and lots of shops, Rothschild Boulevard, world-renowned buildings of the Bauhaus 1930’s trend (acknowledged by UNESCO as a world heritage site), museums, galleries, great food,  endless night life, and the latest fashion modes and craze.

White City of Tel-Aviv - the Modern Movement. see more by clicking

Rothschild Boulevard - see a fun YouTube about it. click

For more photos, see more Tel Aviv photos page.

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