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To have such a good friend as Meenakshi , one cannot avoid sweetness, as well as the sweet taste of Ghee.

You see, Meenu is Indian, and many many dishes made in beautiful Meenu’s kitchen, are made with the aromatic Ghee.

To me, coming from Israel, Ghee is not that unfamiliar, as it is used by Israelis of Yemenite decedents, but it’s called Samna.

first jar of Ghee, almost all gone

Indeed, Ghee, just like butter, contains high percentage of saturated fats. Yet, it is the clarifying process, through heating, that the milk solids are removed thus leaving the ghee lactose free. The web is also full of articles of Ghee’s nutritional value due to its vitamins and antioxidants. I will just add my own 2 cents: it’s yummy, easy to handle and make, and use it in moderation, just a you would butter.

for two jars of Ghee you’ll need:

  • 8 sticks of unsalted butter. for best results, use the organic kind;
  • non stick, clean pan;
  • 2 empty and clean glass jars (10 to 12 oz each).


drop all the butter sticks in the pan, place on stove top uncovered, turn on medium heat.

melted butter, starts to turn into foam

the butter will start melting and form a white foam. that’s good! you can occasionally stir gently with a wooden spoon.

white froth

at this point, lower the heat and keep on simmering for additional 10 to 15 minutes. The liquid is now being divided into 3 parts: the moister on top, the golden clarified butter in the middle, and the milk solids on the bottom. As it simmers, you will be able to see, between the bubbles, the sediment settling on the bottom.

bubbly Ghee

Once the bubbles come down and the kitchen is filled with a great sweet smell, a deep golden color could be viewed on the bottom of the pan. The moister, water from the top, have evaporated. At this point, turn off the heat, and let the liquid cool down. You want to watch out for burning the Ghee, so don’t over heat.

After cooling the Ghee (for 20 minutes or so), you can use a strainer or a sieve, and carefully pour the liquid into your jars. The Ghee will transform from liquid to soft solid with cream like color.  Tighten the jars. You can keep them on the shelf, not need to refrigerate. Isn’t that awesome? whenever you need, you just coop out some Ghee with a tea spoon or knife and use it.

cooling the beauties

one of the simplest yummiest things to do with Ghee, is just to spread it on top of whole grain wheat toast. nuff said!

more is less

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