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floating gracefully

floating gracefully

So we had a party coming up. A BIG party. We needed to decorate a large hall. I schlepped around some party stores that sell a tiny decorative item for at least $2. For a larger item, the price blows up like crazy. I wasn’t ready to spend a lot of money, though I must admit that I have bought some decorations. Call it party fear factor.

Making it a family project, we sat around the table and started to prepare some decorations. we had fun and laughs¬† making them. Whether or not they’re cool, they sure are original. I call it: the jellyfish decor. That’s what they remind me of.

jellifish decor

jellyfish decor

wait, don’t throw: colorful plastic bags, plastic bottle (such as your empty organic apple juice).

to do:

  • Flatten the plastic bag, then cut off the top to remove the handles, and the bottom to remove the closed end. Fold the bag lengthwise several times,¬† then cut strips (between an inch to 2 inches wide) thus creating plastic rings.

making plastic rings

putting my brother to work into cutting plastic rings. he's good.

  • now that we have many colorful rings, we’ll take our empty, clean and dry plastic bottle and cut it into… aha… more plastic rings. On second thought, it’s more like slicing the bottle, like so:

plastic slices

plastic slices. Use a utility knife or scissors

  • now, we need to tie the plastic bag rings onto the plastic circle we created. Wrap the ring around the circle and pull out through the ring itself. Nothing like a picture to demonstrate:

wind plastic rings around plastic slice

wind plastic rings around plastic circle

  • cover the whole circle with many colorful, dangling rings, till it looks like- a jellyfish when you play around with it. You then attach a string to two sides of the circle, to be able to hang it high up on the ceiling. Make many jellyfish to brighten up any party.
  • and…we also managed to create yet another cool colorful chain from the plastic bag left-overs- by tying them to one another, and tying balloons on.
balloon chain

balloon chain

did I mention recycle?

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well, it’s an upside-down plant made of a plastic bottle and a cloth-hanger. and a plant.

cute plant growing down

cute plant growing down

But wait- it’s not just pretty, it could also be beneficial, when you try it with a tomato planter. Google it up and you’ll find that it sells for $$$, but you can skip the buying. There are different ways of doing it, but here’s my way:

tomato plant, swinging in the air

tomato plant, swinging in the air

  • The only thing we bought is an organic tomato. Before cutting it into our great salad, we kept some of the tomato seeds, and planted them, first, in small yogurt containers with our own soil from the back yard. We took care to water the little tomato plants, and when the stems showed up, at around 2-3 inches long, we then transferred them into clean plastic bottles.
  • To prepare your plastic bottle, cut off the bottom of the bottle (the wide part) with a utility knife, and puncture two holes so you can attach your hanger.
  • Insert, carefully, the tomato planter, with stems/leafs upside-down through the narrow opening of the bottle, fill the rest with soil.
  • Attach hanger and… hang in a sunny location. Be sure to water and take care of it.
  • Adore it !

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