Once upon a time I was a lawyer. It had some room for creativity but not the kind I was looking for. A few years have passed, I moved to the US and became a web content writer and editor for BOA Ideas, yet an opportunity came along my path. I discovered Papier Mache. Then I discovered cardboard, glass, cork, fabrics, plastic bags, objects around the house that fall from my kids’ pockets, and what not? So now I am in the process of Re-cycling, Re-using, Re-shaping, turning stuff into other objects, into art. For me, exploring it is enjoying it. Food is a whole creation, but it becomes art if it’s healthy and EZ made. So I’ll share. Will you? Travel is for my soul, as well as a memory creator for my family. Finally, I ravel in any of the following: beauty, humor, genius, color. I look for those things around me, whether a cool design, a unique photo, a wow creation of any kind. I’ll let you know. Thank you for visiting. You are welcome to send your comments and ideas.

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